Anti-imperialist English course

Anti-imperialist English course

Polífona Coop is offering an English course with an anti-imperialist approach. This course will provide basic level English instruction through content that denounces imperialism at the local and international level, and therefore invites the use of English for communication in spaces of social struggle.

This course will have:

Capacity: 15

Modality: face-to-face in Bogotá - Candelaria

Period: September 15 to November 30 2023 - 2 months and a half - 10 weeks

Two face-to-face hours from 6 to 8 pm two nights a week for a total of 40 face-to-face hours and 4 to 6 hours of homework and individual study per week. In total between 40 and 60 hours.

Basic level - Basic knowledge (numbers, colors, some recognition of the language), but not able to read or speak fluently.

Pedagogical approach

The history of our country has been marked by U.S. American domination. This has generated in the population an anti-imperialist attitude that continues to this day and that can be seen, for example, in the resistance of some people to learn English. Added to this is the fact that, in general, we have little contact with languages other than Spanish, even in our work and studies.

We believe that English can also be a language that allows us to build relationships for liberation, especially in the context of social movements and struggle. That is why we want this course to go beyond the people who enroll and to have an impact on their organizations, collectives and communities.

We propose contents, approaches and methodologies from an anti-imperialist perspective that tell the story of the peoples' struggle and move away from the methodologies and contents with which we have been taught English at school and in language institutes. Thus, the design of our curriculum allows us to understand English as a useful tool to communicate emotions, desires and ideas in our own context.


We have different rates according to declared income:

Income below or equal to 1.500.000 monthly - 200.000 (5.000 per hour)

Income above 1.500.000 monthly - 400.000 (10.000 per hour)

Income over monthly - 600.000 (15.000 per hour)

There are 5 subsidized seats - the selection criteria is based on the objectives and the reason for which you want to participate in the diploma course.

To participate, please fill out the registration form:

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