Interpretation, translation, editing and language instruction cooperative
Interpretation, translation, editing and language instruction cooperative

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Language instruction

We offer personalized and group instruction in Spanish, English and French as a foreign language with a focus on communication. We work on skills such as oral and written communication and a critical approach to languages.


We translate written documents into English, Spanish, French and German and the combinations thereof. We have a monitoring, revision and quality control system that guarantees high quality and organized work, within the stipulated deadlines.


We provide interpretation in English, French, Spanish and German depending on the needs of those who require the service, the context and the characteristics of the event. This service can be offered virtually or in person, with the appropriate equipment.


We edit documents in English, Spanish, French and German. This includes: proofreading of spelling, punctuation, syntax, cohesion and coherence (between paragraphs and chapters), correction and unification of formatting and bibliographic references.

Our team

We are professionals in the fields of translation, interpretation, editing and language instruction.

Who We Are

We are united by a comittment to finding strategies to facilitate oral and written communication between cultures and movements.

Anti-imperialist English course

Polífona is offering an English course with an anti-imperialist approach. This course will provide basic level English instruction through content that denounces imperialism at the local and international level, and therefore invites the use of English for communication in spaces of social struggle.